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Code of Conduct for Faculty Members

● Every teacher has to obey the orders of the Principal of the College.
● The identity card provided by the college must be carried by the teachers.
● Teachers must note their departure time and sign the attendance register each time they arrive.
● Smoking is strictly prohibited on college campus.
● It is required of teachers to follow the college timetable for the classes they teach.
● Any modifications must be announced in advance to the college administration.
● While in class or during meetings, cell phones should be switched off, placed in flight mode, or kept silent.
● Leave requests need to be approved in advance by the authorities. It is not permitted for teachers to take any unapproved time off.
● Teachers who will be absent from class should notify the Principal and the relevant HODs, providing any necessary college reason.
● At the college, a plastic-free area has been declared. It is important for educators to ensure that their actions achieve this objective.
● Teachers are expected to fulfill their committee responsibilities with diligence in order to support the College administration.
● Ensure that the organization is always conducted with integrity and honesty.
● Teachers must take part in co-curricular and extension activities in order to further the colleges guiding values.
● Teachers have a responsibility to uphold, encourage, and support mutual respect.
● Teachers should dress appropriately for their profession and social status.
● Teachers should always aim for academic excellence in their disciplines.
● Every educator should take use of modern technologies in order to survive in the globalization era and keep up with the quickly changing technology.
● Every educator should calmly listen to the worries of their pupils and make advice as appropriate.
● Teachers should make an effort to set an example for students and serve as role models.
● Teachers should follow the guidelines published by the West Bengal Government, the statue of the University of Gour Banga and the UGC.

Code of Conduct for Non-Teaching Staff

● Every teacher has to obey the orders of the Principal of the College.
● It is mandatory for non-teaching staff to carry the College Identity Card.
● Non-teaching staff members must sign the attendance register upon arrival and note their departure from the institution.
● It is strictly prohibited to smoke or consume alcohol of any kind while on college campus.
● Must keep the College clean and orderly.
● The college has declared a plastic-free area. Non-teaching staff members are responsible for ensuring that this goal is accomplished by their activities.
● It is required of non-teaching staff members to preserve the integrity and unity ideals of the College, both internally and with other staff members.
● Cell phones should be switched off, placed in airplane mode, or placed in quiet mode while attending meetings.
● Non-teaching employees must abide by the service requirements.
● Non-teaching staff members are not permitted to provide any external parties with access to government documents or data. It is strictly forbidden to tamper with, destroy, conceal, change, or falsify official documents or receipts.
● The honesty and integrity of the organization are assured.
● Unauthorized leaves of absence are not permissible for non-teaching staff members.
Leaves of absence need prior approval from the appropriate authorities.
● Non-teaching employees must complete their duties from higher authorities accurately, promptly, and within the given time frame. They must respect and follow the established structure of power.
● Non-teaching personnel are responsible for maintaining the colleges property.
● All non-teaching staff members are required to follow the guidelines established by the University of Gour Bangas statute, the Government of West Bengal, and the UGC. They should also work to maintain and strengthen a feeling of community.